Exploring Statistics: Tales of Distributions (12th edition) by Chris Spatz

Exploring Statistics: Tales of Distributions

More Praise from Professors

"I have used your text since the second edition. I have always valued the clarity of your writing."

Gary Byrd – West Texas A & M University

"I used your book this semester and my students and I absolutely loved the book! The great narratives and examples reduce a lot of math anxiety the students have."

Jazmin Brown-Iannuzzi – University of Kentucky

"I absolutely love this textbook. It's the only textbook I've ever used that students genuinely like. (I)t's like they are having a conversation with the author."

Lisa Carlstrom – Modesto Junior College

" Thank you for writing the book that set me on my career."

Paul Bernhardt – Frostburg State University

"The conversational tone of the book makes reading the text feel like a visit to office hours."

Lindsay Kennedy – Hendrix College

"Students have commented that they really like the book and found it easy to follow."

Kristi Lekies – The Ohio State University

"Tales is highly readable, simple, straightforward, and unpretentious, unlike many others that I've read."

Jill Schmidlkofer – Career Statistician

"Many thanks for all your work in producing a truly outstanding statistics book."

Casey Cole – Missouri Southern State University

"... my stats sections usually closed in a few minutes and I attribute much of that popularity to the effectiveness of your book... Thanks for a great book!"

Richard Deyo – Winona State University

"…a bit of praise, this is the best textbook for my students about statistics."

Don Edgar – University of Arkansas

"I found your text to be complete, yet succinct and very understandable."

Robert Lloyd – University of Minnesota, Duluth

"I … want to offer my gratitude for your work. It has made teaching the course more of a pleasure to me and my students."

Keith Pannell – El Paso Community College

"Thanks for providing behavioral science students with a readable, practical textbook on the subject."

Barry Vann – University of the Cumberlands

"Exploring Statistics: Tales of Distributions is the most engaging and interesting mathematical text I've ever read."

Laura Stone – University of the Cumberlands

Exploring Statistics: Tales of Distributions

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