Exploring Statistics: Tales of Distributions by Chris Spatz, PhD Exploring Statistics 11th Edition Corrections

Exploring Statistics: Tales of Distributions (11th edition) Corrections



Errors in textbooks seem to be inevitable, which is a bad thing. However, I am determined to identify the errors in Tales so you can make corrections in your copy. As an incentive, I pay $3.00 to the first person who reports an error. Also, I’ll list your name and school on the correction sheet.

The errors listed were all in the first printing of the book. Many were corrected in the second printing. (The left-most number at the bottom of page iv is the printing number.)

The typos listed without attribution were caught by editors.

E-mail me at and include your school.



Page & Location Correction Reporter & School
p.0, page v, 2nd line from bottom Add to between happy and be Bob Reising
University of Central Arkansas
p.0, page vii, 4th line from bottom Change Glorssary to Glossary Dino Sola
International University of Monaco
p.0, page vii, 8th line from bottom Change tendancy to tendency
p.0, page xi, lines 3 and 4 Change Statistical to Significance
p.0, problem 7.17b Change 3.1 to 3.0 (twice); Change -2.58 to -2.67 ; Change .9951 to .9962
p.4, footnote 8 Change 000 to 229
p.11, line 10 Change numerical of to numerical or Victoria Hughes
Hendrix College
p.15, last line Should be (See next page.)
p.16, Table 1.1, line 2 Change differencs to differences Amy Crump
Hendrix College
p.16, 7 lines from bottom of page Change proved to proven Justin Lockhart
Hendrix College
p.21, line 9 Move heading
p.61, Interquartile range definition Change contain to contains
p.68, Table 4.6, Note: Parentheses should surround sigma and X
p.70, line 6 Insert X between when and is Jack Rindahl
Hendrix College
p.75, problem 4.16, Women heights Change the 4 after 67 to 5 Marilyn Pugh
Texas Wesleyan
p.76, line 2 Insert ŝ after Choose S or Jack Rindahl
Hendrix College
p.85, 3rd line from the bottom Change vertical to horizontal Joshua Beggs
Hendrix College
p.91, Problem 5.14, column heading Header should be Knife rather than Kife Amanda Windham
Texas Wesleyan
p.119, 14 lines from the top Add exponent 2 to the summation formula
p.122, Line above P R O B L E M Remove the sequence -0.947 + 2.97 +
p.131, line 5, margin Add margin definition for rectangular distribution Marilyn Pugh
Texas Wesleyan University
p.144, Problem 7.17 Change 3.0 to 3.1 Charis Madison
Hendrix College
p.145, second equation Change -0.67 to 0.67 Jack Rindahl
p.147, line 2, formula Reverse the places of z and ยต Ateya White-Lampley
Lander University
p.149, CP 7.29, line 3 Add equal mark before 3600 Marilyn Pugh
Texas Wesleyan University
p.150, Chapter title Remove comma after Sampling
p.154, line 3 Change 000 to 398 Monica Rogers
Centenary College
p.156, line 4 Change 402 to 152 Michelle Huynh
Hendrix College
p.168, 12th line from bottom Change t sub a to t sub alpha Joshua Beggs
Hendrix College
p.168, 12th line from bottom, end of line Change alpha level to degree of confidence
p.169, 3rd line from the top Change sample mean to population mean
p.185, middle of page, third element in equation, denominator Change s-sub X-bar to s-hat Joshua Beggs
Hendrix College
p.196, 6th line from bottom Change 000 to 124 Monica Rogers
Centenary College
p.205, 10th line from bottom Add s sub x-bar at end of line Monica Rogers
Centenary College
p.225, Pblm. 10.21 Change page 215 to page 216 Monica Rogers
Centenary College
p.246, 7 lines from bottom After the first summation sign, enclose the rest of the formula in brackets.
p.248, line 3 of Error Detection box Remove both sets of parentheses
p.303, top line Two X's should be X-bar
p.303, varies Two times, change 172 to 158.76 ; Three times, change 3.786 to 3.637 ; Two times, change 4.49 to 4.67; ; Change 0.53 to 0.55 Vanessa Ledesma
University of California, Riverside
p.314, 12th line from bottom, last word Add s to figure
p.319, formula Change the third = to + Monica Rogers
Centenary College
p.320, last line of text Add a chi square test after with
p.322, 5th line from the bottom Eliminate the space in fami ly Joshua Beggs
Hendrix College
p.329, Problem 14.13, last line Insert X in front of ^2 Joshua Beggs
Hendrix College
p.329, Problem 14.15, next to last line Eliminate space after about Joshua Beggs
Hendrix College
p.337, 3rd line from the bottom Insert X^2 in space between and and values. > Chris Chambers
University of the Cumberlands
p.345, Table 15.6; 2nd line from bottom Change N = 4 to N = 11 Lexus Raney
Hendrix College
p.347, bottom of the page Missing Problems 15.12 and 15.13 Joshua Beggs
Hendrix College
p.353, Table 15.10; Line Kerber Remove extra parenthesis Joshua Beggs
Hendrix College
p.375, 6th line from bottom Add X between and and is
p.394, Tables I, J, K Re-label as Tables J, K, L
p.417, NHST definition Change statistical to significance Julia Boehm
Chapman University
p.426, samples with unequal N's Extend sq. rt. sign over (1/N1+1/N2) Roger Yip
Hong Kong
p.434, problem 3.12, next to last line Change 26.53
Texas Wesleyan
p.434, problem 4.3, line 9 Change 67-64 = 3 to 67-63 = 4 Jack Rindahl
Hendrix College
p.440, 2nd column, 6th line from bottom Change ascore to score Nicole Henry
Hendrix College
p.443, Problem 6.20a Change 98.123 to 98.175 and 4.877 to 4.825 Sandy Sae
Modesto Jr College
p.443, Problem 6.20b Change 4.877 to 4.825 Sandy Sae
Modesto Jr College
p.447, answer 8.6 There is no corresponding problem 8.6 in the text.
p.451, Problem 9.17f Change Retain to Reject and p > .02 to p < .02 Wendy Yung
Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association
p.456, Problem 10.14 Eliminate the line SumXY=3360 N=7 r=.703 Wendy Yung
Hong Kong Wireless Technology Association
p.456, Problem 10.15, line 4 Remove negative sign from -0.0053 Kyle Mohler
Modesto Junior College
p.457, Problem 10.17 Change 60 df to 80 df Change 3.460 to 3.416 Vanessa Ledesma
University of California, Riverside
p.458, second column; line 1 Change 1.6384 to 0.4380 Change 0.438 to 1.6384 Jeff Martell
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
p.460, Pblm. 11.1 at the end Add H0: Monica Rogers
Centenary College
p.464, Problem 11.22 Change (2,20) to (2,18) Change (3.49) to (3.55) Monica Rogers
Centenary College
p.484, Pblm 16.25, line 1 Change 40 to 50 Change 3.55 to 3.50 Dino Sola
International University of Monaco